Lending Policies

The following are the list of policies approved by the LION library board. All policies will be reviewed after the one year trial period.


Kits will be stored at the LION office when not in use. It is the responsibility of the current holder to return kits to LION.

Reserving Kits:

The LION office staff will maintain a calendar of when kits are reserved and for whom. To reserve a kit, the borrowing library must go on to the Request Page of the website to do so.

Circulation Period:

Kits can be checked out for up to two months.

Obtaining and Returning:

Individual libraries will be responsible for arranging a pick up point with the current borrower of a desired kit. If no library wishes to use a kit after the current library, then the current borrowers must arrange to return item to LION.

Renewal Policy:

Libraries may renew the kits indefinitely, as long as no other library has reserved that kit.

Multiple Kits:

A single library can reserve a maximum of one kit at a time and up to two kits in a calendar year.


If the kit has a consumable component (paper, ink, beads for jewelry, etc.) the borrowing library will be responsible for supplying these items at their cost.

Penalties for Lost or Damaged Kits:

The borrowing library will be responsible for replacing lost or damaged kits. This does not apply to normal wear and tear. Libraries are encouraged to check materials when they arrive and before they leave their library. If it is noticed that something is lost or damaged, the library must report the issue to the Shared Objects Task force and LION.